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Kawaii Blush

Monday, March 18, 2013

My newest Hello Kitty's with supirse Video

Heyy Kawaii Blush Fans!
How are you all, Did you have a great weekend?! I Hope you all did.
I went shopping with my little family and went out to a cute cafe that make these yummy pancakes ,they were soo yummy, What do you get up too?
(^_^) So I have some new Hello Kitty Plushs I got in the post last week. -Yay-
So I got my hands on this (ty) Hello Kitty who is super cute in this detailed pattern dress.She matches the other Kitty in the London Print that I got. 

She is a Liberty City  x Hello Kitty Collaboration, I have her in a 15 cm tall Plush and as a Key chain too.
How cute is the print on her Dress and Bow?
The other Kitty I got in the post was a Larger Kitty that even has glitter in her fur. (*0*) So sparkly.
She is the best size for cuddles and hugs and I fell in love with her dress.

Yup! Its a Tartan dress! She is super soft and have a gold instead of Yellow nose.
Oh and I got this as a gift as well.She is just so cute hehe!

So I posted a photo of my Bedroom to the fan page but I felt that your really do not get to see the Kitty's  (T^T) So, I then decided to make a short video of my room and the Kitty's so you could see some of them.Maybe I will get round to doing some other Videos for you all. I will be needing lots of Ideas though from you all!!
So Here is the Video for you all to watch and the Link
Link Here!
I hope you like the Video ,I really hope I can make a other one for you. Am sorry its not the best this is only my 2 nd time of giving it a go again hehe.
Tell me what you all think and what kind of videos you would like to see!


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  1. Oh very nice. This Hello Kitty doll is so pretty. I like it.
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