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Kawaii Blush

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I love tote bags

Oh Hi-there Kawaii Blush fans!
So I was tiding up my room and came across some of my tote bags. I forgot that I had a few, Some are Gothic fairies on them or symbols,But it was the Hello Kitty ones I was happy to see again. Cause I am at home looking after my daughter. I often have to go out and get things from yummy snacks and such. I like to take my own bag rather than use those plastic ones.(-_-') They always tend to brake or snap with I use the plastic ones! ( Its so embarrassing when the bag rips and all my things fall out on the path!). 
The best thing is you can re-use them over and over again- it save  using plastic bags that can harm the environment (T^T).

So I thought it would be nice to show you some of the Kawaii Tote bags that you can find on out there!
Of course I love Hello Kitty but I also love other Kawaii things too!
This was the bag that I found Hidden in one of the rooms in the House.
Heehee! Gothic Hello Kitty!
I had to have a look online, to see if there was more tote bags and other cute ones. This is what I found
I also love Chococat and this tote bag is so cute!
I think My Melody is a Darling and so sweet.
Don't forget about the cute Rilakkuma and friends.
Even this Totoro tote bag is utterly cute too!
My neighbour Totoro is one of My most loved Films. Have any you Kawaii Blush fans seen it?
What Kawaii things do you like? Do any of you,  have a Tote or Bag that you like to use for carrying things or which one do you like the best?
I think Tote bags can have more than one use,I have found them very hand to keep my things tidy and store away anything thing, that I am not using likes of my hair bows and hats.
Yesterday  was the spring equinox in my part of the world, That means is the start of spring  and that the days are starting to draw out again and feel longer- Yay!-
Maybe I will get some good weather-since all I have had is lots and lots of snow and its very depressing and very very cold! Also It will soon be Easter weekend,Will you be celebrating Easter? 
There is lots of Yummy Candy in the shops at this time of year- its hard to to want to buy and eat it all!


  1. Aaarrgh! I neeeeed that Totoro bag, I love him muchly.

  2. The Tonari no Totoro Tote looks lovely :)


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