Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Monday, January 28, 2013

It's not just Hello Kitty that is Kawaii!

Like the title says, it's not just Hello Kitty that is Kawaii. There are lots of other cute characters out there too. Maybe there are too many to pick from. I think Hello Kitty will always be the one I favour best.
Maybe because she has fitted into every possible style and variety.
But the other characters that I personally adore are the likes of Choco Cat from Sanrio.
He reminds me of my very own cat (Leo-Cat). They are both pure black and have big cute loving eyes.

He is just so cute. I only have one Choco Cat plush that sits with all my Hello Kitty's.

This is my Choco Cat. This one you can dress up. I have him in a cute shirt and jeans with a leather jacket.
As well as Choco Cat, I also think that Rilakkuma from San-X is a loveable character.
I love how lazy-looking his expression can be with his cuteness. I would like to be like Rilakkuma and take some days as lazy days too. I never seem to stop!
Again, I only have one Rilakkuma. He sits with a few of my other plushies, like my anime plush of Sailor Moon, a few tiny Hello Kitty's, and Tare-Panda on a shelf.

The other cutie I wanted to show you, who also sits on the shelf with my other Kawaii friends, is
 Domo Kun. I've watched some of the cute Domo Kun TV shows.
He makes me laugh. There is something very cute about him. I spent a long time looking for him in the UK but finally found one I liked and wanted.
I got him in a very, very girly and sweet pink colour. He is normally brown. I don't have a good photo of him but here is an image. I have one like the pink one here but he wears heart-shaped glasses.
Is he not just the cutest-looking monster?!

I have my heart set on a getting another plush. His name is Gloomy Bear. He may not be everyone's idea of cute but I think him being pink helps make him look innocent.
He tends to forget he is a bear with sharp claws.

I've not yet found a nice one of him. Maybe I will be lucky and find a Kawaii push of him at an expo or a convention.
Do you have another Kawaii character that you adore?

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