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Kawaii Blush

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snowy Cute Hats

Hello everyone.
Oh wow, it's been a very snowy past few days up here in Scotland.
But even with the blizzard-like weather, snowfall and snowman building, I have been staying very cute and warm. I just have to show you that in all this snowy weather, it is easy to stay very cute.
Think hats, scarfs and gloves with a twist of Kawaii.
Let's look at cute hats. I love hats.
Especially cat hats.
 =^..^= meow!
I adore this cute Luna (from Sailor Moon) Hat! It is very cool! 

Fox Ears, anyone?

High street style pompom ear hat.

Hello Kitty style hats
Anime style cat hat.
As you can see, there are so many kinds of cute hats out there. It's just a case of looking out for them.
Sometimes the best time to get your winter hats is once the winter sales are on.
Hehe I do like the hats with silly faces!
But if you don't want a hat with a face, there are lots of cute animal-eared hats, from cats to pandas!
Not only can hats be so sweet and cute, they can be very trendy. Last year, there were so many animal-eared hats, too many to pick from!
Because I love cats so much, I wanted a cat-eared hat that I could wear without it looking too childish. So I went for a loose oversized beanie style hat with ears in a simple plain colour.
It is still Kawaii but very mature-looking.

It's not that noticeable that it's got ears on it but I know that they are there and that makes me feel very cute. It's like having a little secret. I have it in black and cream.
The other idea I hope to be able to do this coming winter is get hold of a very warm cute coat.
I have seen some lolitas wear such coats and they look so pretty!
I would feel like a princess to have a coat like this and feel like a snow princess in the snow wearing it too.
It is the cutest coat I have ever laid eyes on!
( *o* )
I think I like the black more than the pink as it would go with any other colour or style.
Those bunny ears on the hood are just so cute and a nice touch, right?!
Even this one is just adorable in the photo below!

That's because it's got cat ears...hehe!
I think I need to invest in a very nice lolita coat.
*Nod, Nods*
What Kawaii winter things do you like to wear? Do you like to go out and enjoy the snow or would you rather stay in and keep cosy under a soft blanket?


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