Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cute Kitty Kids!

Every one hello, How are you Kawaii Blush and Hello Kitty Lovers to day?! Sorry I have not posted much, Everything is still a bit crazy in the house of Tartan. Heehee!
Today I shall show you what I have found and I think all you Mommy and Papa Hello Kitty fans will like this one. Lots of very cute things for your little ones!
I found these on Sanrio, Very cute.
A range of sizes form aye 2-8 years old,from the Misha Lulu x Hello Kitty Designer Range 

A very cute looking long sleeves T-shirt, will be great for seasons for Fall this year!
Nyan cute T-shirt of Hello Kitty eating something yummy!
Even says ''Yummy'' on it!

Look at this cool oufit, Kawaii ne!A lovely blue cosy jumper Why is this not for adults and teens?huh huh 
 Not fair is it?! But I bet all the little Kitty Fans will love these trendy outfits and styles.

Such a bright looking top! Its got Hello Kitty roller skating across it as well far to cute looking! 
Aww I love seeing my own Daughter in Hello Kitty it makes them look so cute teehee.

Also this is the matching Hello Kitty Skirt which goes with the long sleeve top they match so well, Aww so cool and stylish.There is some new stuff over at J-Grab shop  with lots of fashion items too so check out our stuff, If you have any spending money left over you should treat yourself to more Hello Kitty, Hai 
Am Gona be busy again over the  weekend and then next week I shall be boxing up more of my belongings and then am off on vacation YAY! So please keep posting to J-Grab fan page I will try and check lots of times to reply back to you all, Where it is not very Kawaii so I will try my hardest to find something Kitty  and Kawaii okay hehe!


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